1. D-Diamonds - Black
  2. D-Dominators - Grey White
  3. L-Landing - Black Violet
  4. L-Landing - Silver Grey
  5. L-Landing - Gold Black
  6. L-Landing - Gold Pink
  7. L-Landing - Silver
    Sold Out
    Sold Out
  8. L-Landing - Grey Black
    Sold Out
    Sold Out
  9. L-Landing - Orange Blue
  10. L-Landing - Pink Violet
  11. D-diamonds - Taupe
  12. D-diamonds - White
  13. D-Dominators - Orange/Tourquoise
  14. C-Coral - Orange/blu
    Sold Out
    Sold Out
  15. C-Coral - Violet pink
    Sold Out
    Sold Out
  16. C-Crypto - Green/Deep Pink
  17. C-Crypto - Deep pink / Black
  18. C-Crypto - White/Yellow
  19. D-digital - DK. GREY
    Sold Out
    Sold Out
  20. D-digital - LT. Steel Blue
    Sold Out
    Sold Out
  21. D-digital - Pink
    Sold Out
    Sold Out
  22. D-digital - Lt. Yellow
  23. D-digital - Grey
  24. J-Jissex - Pink/grey
  25. J-Jissex - Green/dots
  26. J-Jissex - Grey/White
  27. J-Jissex - White/gold/skyblu
  28. J-Jissex - White/pink/Green
  29. L-Lustre - Deep pink/Dodgerblue
  30. L-Lustre - White/red

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