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  2. C-Crypto - Deep pink / Black
  3. C-Crypto - White/Yellow
  4. D-digital - Lt. Yellow
  5. C-Coral - Violet pink
  6. C-Crypto - Green/Deep Pink
  7. D-Dominators - Grey White

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In the CLJD online sales section you can find the discounted C-Coral, C-Crypto, L-Landing chunky sneakers.

The three collections of chunky sneakers present in the CLJD online sales section are defined by the balance between urban style and creative research. The CLJD sales page offers you chunky sneakers from original colors and eccentric materials at affordable prices. The choice of CLJD shoes on sale is vast and can be perfectly combined with a diversified and stylized outfit. In the online sales section of the CLJD official website you can evaluate the choice of the chunky sneakers suitable for you and your looks based on the different styles of the CLJD worlds: C-Coral, C-Crypto, L-Landing. Discover our sneakers in the online sales section of the CLJD website at an incredible price. Do not miss the discounted CLJD shoes, the chunky sneakers found by combinations of extraordinary shapes and materials that give a touch of originality to every outfit.

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